#ASKANDREA Feeling Stuck and Having Money Woes

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This week, I have a question submitted by Lucy. To submit yours, go here.


Hi Andrea!
I have a few questions perhaps you can help with…
1) I am trying to start a business designing and making jewelry. What advice can you give me? I feel stuck and can’t seem to move forward…
2) Do you have any advice on how to name a business with numerology? I am not sure whether I should stamp my own name on it or not.
3) I am experiencing money woes, how can I think positively about this and start making more money?
Thanks Andrea :)


Dear Lucy,
As a 7 Life Path, you are full of imagination. It’s a beautiful thing that you must share wit the world. However, one of the challenges of being a 7 is sharing your inner world, as you tend to be more private and reserved. Self-promotion and marketing is vital in business. I’m not just talking about marketing your business, but marketing yourself. People want to engage with people, not products. I’ve seen marketing for jewellery and fashion accessories done very successfully online through blogs, videos, and Instagram.

I Get These Signs…

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I try to go to events where I might be able to meet interesting people and expand my horizons. I used to be under the impression that you should try to meet everybody. But now I don’t. I actually let the right kind of people show up.

I’ve created a life for myself where I go with the flow. I don’t put pressure to do anything except for when I know I’ve got a deadline to meet. I let myself feel guided, or at least compelled to do something. I really think this is the way we’re meant to be, as intuitive, conscious human beings.
Last night I went to a party where I only vaguely knew some people. I sat at the bar and I kept meeting these interesting people who would show up and talk to me. It would turn out that they are interested in the kind of work I do as a Numerologist. I left the party feeling happy about these new connections. Even if I never meet these people again, it was nice just to know there are interesting people out there that I had the pleasure to meet.
My acquaintances kept asking me, “are you coming to lunch on Sunday?” I said that I hadn’t decided yet. It’s not like I had anything else better to do on Sunday, but part of my decision was going to depend on how I felt about it after this party. I tend to use my feelings to guide me about doing things.
I went home on the streetcar and as we exited at the station, I spotted a girl carrying a tote bag with a huge number 3 printed on it. I think it might even be the same bag I saw at Holt Renfrew a few weeks ago. She disappeared into the crowd and I couldn’t help but feel like this was a sign for me (because my Life Path number is 3).
That night, I went online to register for the lunch. And right after I signed up, I saw 11:11 on my iPad. I knew right there that I had done the right thing.
Metaphorically speaking, I feel like I’m riding a wave, I am calm and certain that what works out is where I’m meant to be, even though I’m not totally sure how things will unfold. This is what going with the flow feels like.

VLOG #6 Spring, Almost

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Here’s what you didn’t see on this week’s vlog… Day 2, I forgot my SD card for the camera I left it in my MacBook! I had to film on the iPhone and it made things more difficult. Lower video quality, lower battery power, out of control focus…! (Note to self: start carrying a spare SD card!). I thought about just giving up and not filming. But I just made due with what I had. This has made me really appreciate my camera even more! It’s so much easier to film on!

You’re going to see me do some indoor rock climbing on this video. This was the second time doing it. The first time, there was no one to help me film. What an exhilarating experience! I felt the adrenaline rush! It really made me sweat! I felt the fear. They had a buzzer at the top of the wall. I almost didn’t reach it. I slipped, but I kept reaching and got my footing back on the wall. I got it! There was that moment when I thought I might not make it. But I went for it anyways.

No matter how bad a situation seems. Just keep trying. There’s nothing to lose!

This video was filmed using the Canon Vixia Mini X and iPhone 4s.

Good Food For Lazy Cooks (Like Me)

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m not afraid to admit that I’m lazy when it comes to cooking! I enjoy good food, but I don’t like to fuss around much in the kitchen. I want to make food that’s healthy, tasty and doesn’t take too many pots and pans to cook up. And I want it with minimal effort…

This month I discovered using tomato powder to turn any soup made from scratch into an amazing Russian-style borsch. All I do is put some filtered water in a pot, throw in chopped onion, cabbage, frozen mixed vegetables, red lentils, salt, and a spoon full of this organic tomato juice powder from The Synergy Company. Leave it to cook until it simmers. Done!

imageAnother one I’ve made up is a pasta bake using tomato sauce and (kamut) pasta. Cook up the pasta, oil the bottom of a glass pan, dump on a layer of pasta, put on a layer of sauce, then throw on a layer of thinly sliced zucchinis and egg plants. Season with salt and nutritional yeast (or cheese), keep building up the layers until the pan is full. Add sliced peppers, if you like. Sprinkle the top layer with chopped onion and nutritional yeast. The top part will become crispy as it bakes. Put it in the oven for 30-minutes at around 200 degrees. No pre-heat necessary. Now you’re free to go do other stuff while dinner cooks! By the way, this baked pasta dish also works with other sauces! Imagine the possibilities! Creamy Alfredo, or curry!

Law of Attraction Can Be Explained by Quantum Physics 

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or the longest tine, I was a skeptic of the Law of Attraction. The first time I ever heard of this concept was watching The  Secret. The movie had glamorized the concept so much that it left much to be desired. It offered no substantial scientific explanation. I seriously thought it was a scam.

After many years of personal research and exploration. I can actually believe it and explain it, scientifically. Whether or not I believe the speakers in The Secret is not important. The concept itself is what is in question here.
According to quantum physics, there is what’s called the observer effect. Meaning our perception of a subject matter can affect it’s outcome. This is proving the concept of mind over matter. In the famous double slit experiment, scientists found that by simply observing and measuring their subject matter, they were affecting its results. They were shooting electrons through two slits and by observing it, the electrons were behaving differently, as though there was a conscious awareness of the observer. It’s somewhat tricky for me to describe, so do check out videos of about the double slit experiment on YouTube if you’re curious about the subject.

#ASKANDREA Where is my life heading?

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EVery week I answer your questions using your personal Numerology. To submit your question, go here.

This week, I got a question from Tiffany…


Hey Andrea,
My question concerns my personal year cycle. I feel that huge changes are on the horizon. My main concerns are career and relationship. Both have been stagnant. In some ways the unknown excites me. However, I wonder if there is one area I should be laser focused on right now. What advice do you have to offer to help me  prepare for change? Thanks!


Dear Tiffany,
Just from the quality of your writing alone tells me you’re meant to be doing something related to communication. You are a 3 Life Path, born on a 5 Day and a 1 Attitude. 3 people generally have a gift for  communication and expression, and 5s can do well in sales or marketing because of their flexibility. You’ll find that you prefer to work independently, where you have flexibility, with opportunities for travel. You also enjoy social interactions.
You’re absolutely right that something new is about to come up. You are going through a 9 Personal Year Cycle. It’s time to get things done, whatever you’ve left on the back burner, get it done this year. It’s time to complete things, tie up loose ends and prepare for a fresh start in the coming year. Let go of anything that doesn’t serve you any more.
As for relationship, your partner is going through a 7 year which is a bout being quiet and contemplating the big questions about life. Especially the question, am I going in the right direction? It’s a time for self-reflection, so your partner may seem more reserved than usual. Give your partner some space and time to work things though internally. It’s a passing phase, don’t worry. For more about what it’s like being in a 7 year, check out this blog post about my experience.
Best Wishes,

By the way, my blog posts are tagged with numbers, so you can look up posts that are relevant to your numbers if you look in the tag section.

What I thought when I discovered my life purpose


hen I first discovered my numbers and found out I was a 3 Life Path, my thought was, “Really?”. A person with a 3 Life Path is meant to communicate and express themselves. But I could hardly consider myself a talented communicator. Though I had moments where people complimented my writing, I never took it seriously. Me? A good communicator? I couldn’t really believe it.
My reaction is not uncommon among people discovering their purpose. They kind of knew it their whole life, but they were too afraid to actually admit it.

VLOG #5 Retail Therapy

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very week I make sure to get out of the house and do something interesting. It just so happens that what I find interesting includes shopping. Mind you, I don’t buy everything. I enjoy browsing, just having a look and imagining the possibilities. I titled this week’s vlog, Retail Therapy, because I went to see an exhibition at the AGO, titled Art As Therapy. This show is curated by Alain de Botton, a well known contemporary philosopher (who also happens to be a 3 Life Path! Definitely a born communicator).

This video was filmed using the Canon Vixia Mini X.

Authenticity and Personal Branding

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ersonal branding is one of those things that I find rhetori
cal when I hear people needing to study personal branding. To me, personal branding is lived through, it’s an expression of who you are and what you aspire to become. It’s not planned or calculated. The only strategic element should be that you respond to knowing what your audience likes about you.

Personal branding is about knowing what you like, because you have a clear sense of who you are, not what you think what people want you to be. It shouldn’t be staged. Though there should be boundaries about privacy, it should still be as authentic as possible.
Don’t fake it. Just because no one knows what really happened doesn’t mean it’s ok. You will know and it’s not authentic. This, on principle would be out of alignment all together. This defies what authenticity and personal branding is as a concept.
The whole point of personal branding was to be known for who you are, not a staged personality. People can intuitively spot a fake whether they are conscious of it or not.
If you want to get into personal branding for yourself, start with understanding who you really are, not crafting a perception of it. Personal branding means that you are a living, walking talking, representation of who you are. If you would never do something in real life, then you should not do it in a personal branding exercise. For instance, if you hate yellow, don’t make yellow your signature color! The dislike of it will show through energetically, even if you try to hide it.
Authenticity is the thing everyone seems to be talking about. But it’s ironic when people say “I need to work on my personal branding”. What they should really be doing is working on themselves as a person.

Numerology  can be a powerful way to self-discover and offer clarity of the direction of your personal brand. You are welcome to contact me directly if you would like to find out how I could work with you on branding using Numerology insight.

Why trying too hard makes you suck…

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reativity like all energies is meant to flow. Meaning it comes through you, and you are the channeler of this energy. The minute you make it about you and your ego, the energy will stagnate and become blocked,
This is why writers go through writers block, they self-identify themselves as “great” writers and therefore every last word they write must be profound. It’s like when people say that they plan to write the Great American novel, who are you to say it’s great in the first place? Greatness is merely a concept and says nothing about what it really is. When we place strong desire to be great, there is an element of judgement going on here. Self-judgement is a huge creativity killer.
I’m not saying that you shouldn’t aspire to be great. What I’m saying is that putting pressure on yourself to produce great work is like stepping on your own toes, the creativity blood can’t flow through when your ego is heavily weighing on it.
Sometimes I think people take everything too seriously. Take networking. In reality, networking is really just making friends in business. It’s not much different from making friends in real life. But because we call it “networking”, somehow we think there is some advanced procedure to it. It should be no different than trying to be a decent human being who wants to make friends! Trying to close a sale on a first meeting is like tryng to propose marriage on a first date! I know you’re keen to make networking effective, but don’t try so hard!
When you try too hard, you are working outside of the flow state. You are trying to force the energy. Manifestation is not about manipulation, instead, it is about ease and near effortlessness. Of course, the irony here is that learning to be consistently in a state of flow is not always easy!