Selfie-Love; How Selfies Can Change Your Self-Image


‘ve heard people say that they think selfies are narcissistic, that people who do it are vain. I’d like to propose the idea in a different light. Selfies can be an expression of self-acceptance and self-love.

It takes a certain amount of courage to look at one’s self and to share it with others.

I think most people feel less inhibited when it’s just them and the camera. One can honestly be themselves and decide to share or delete the photo. It is the most honest way of expression because you are not being portrayed by someone else behind the camera.

I think people who don’t like to be photographed (my younger self included) are afraid of being seen, they mistrust how others might perceive them and fear criticism. They might also be afraid to look at themselves, in case they don’t like what they see. We live in an age of media, and images are retouched to appear more perfect than reality. One’s self-image can be tarnished by the feeling of not measuring up. We also live in a world of hyper-reality. Reality television and lifestyle blogs don’t always offer a realistic depiction.

Louise Hay is a spiritual teacher who suggests that you look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you love yourself. I think selfies can be an extension of this exercise.

My work in making videos has shown me that actually getting used to looking at yourself is part of the self-acceptance process. I used to cringe at the idea of having to edit my own videos, to hear my voice and watch myself. But now I am totally ok with it. I also don’t care how “crazy” it might look to be filming myself.

I also think that people who might judge others who take selfies should also examine their own beliefs about this. Perhaps they are critical because they envy the courage that others have in being able to share openly about themselves.

VLOG #14 Being Real On Camera


his week, my friend Myriam asked me if I would be a model for her video series. I said “yes”. The truth is, had this been a year ago, I probably would have said “no”. I’ve always been camera-shy. Very self-conscious.

I think one of the reasons why so many women (and men), are camera-shy is that we are so used to seeing touched-up photos in the media. We might understand that the photos are not real, but it does affect us on a subconscious level about the way we feel about ourselves.

Not to mention, there’s also an economic benefit when people don’t feel confident about themselves… they buy more stuff to deal with it. More make up. More clothes. More shoes. All in an effort to feel “better” about ourselves.

While there is no doubt that looking good can make us feel better, it can only go so far. To truly feel confident, we must go deeper than that. And that is to to truly love and accept one’s self. No number of shoes can do this for us.This video was filmed using the Canon Vixia Mini X and iPhone 4s.

If you would like to learn more about my friend Myriam Llano, check her out at

Family Dynamics: Its In The Numbers


ou know when people say things like you are just like your mother, she always acted that way…? I’ve discovered that you can see it in the Numbers!
After studying the numbers of members from the same family, I have noticed that they tend to share common numbers amongst themselves. The child may share common numbers of the mother or father or both, or not at all.
This might explain why some people feel like they are the black sheep of the family. They might not share common numbers or they have very challenging numbers to their parents or siblings.
The numbers can reveal the likely dynamic of the family. Some families are adventurous and easy going, while others are conservative and serious.
For me personally, I share mostly the numbers from my father, while my brother shares common numbers with my mother. I tend to get along with my father more than my brother does. I’ve noticed that between my cousins I see a lot of 3s and 5s.
I think having Numerology as a tool can help families to understand each other better. Experiencing family dynamics can be frustrating enough, so seeing it clearly represented through numbers can be powerfully therapeutic. Through understanding and acceptance, we can form better relationships with our families. What a revelation!

Travelling For Personal Exploration


was recently contacted by a headhunter with an opportunity to relocate for a job half-way around the world, in Shanghai. I’ve been asking the universe to send me to Paris, but instead I got Paris of the Orient.

I’ve been to Shanghai. I feel on edge when I’m there. I have to be on the look out for motor bikes on sidewalks, drivers who ignore traffic laws, this is the Wild Wild East and pedestrians have no right of way.

I’m trained in the art of astrology and so I started to look into the specialist area of Astrocartography, where your astrology is laid out on a map of the world. It’s like personal feng shui for travellers.

I took a look at Shanghai on my map and it showed that it was near a Uranus line, Uranus symbolizes unruly behaviour, instability, and rebellion. I could feel this energy exactly when I was there. Interestingly, my natal Uranus is currently being triggered. So perhaps Shanghai is calling?!

I looked at other places on the map. My Venus line cuts through Los Angeles. Venus represents pleasure, creativity, and harmony. When I’m there, I feel relaxed and I find pleasure in just being able to appreciate the palm trees, pink sunsets, and good company.

It is theorized that every place on Earth stimulates the different energies that are represented on our astrological natal charts. Sone places bring out the best, and others irritate us for no obvious reason.

This got me thinking, how amazing would it be to follow any one of these lines for a trip. Perhaps the most sought after Jupiter line. Mine cuts through Naples all the way to Helskini. I’ve been to both and I really enjoyed it.

I think this brings the idea of travel to a whole new level. By visiting these different places that energetically stimulate us, we have the opportunity for self-exploration. Andrea in Toronto is different from Andrea in London. Different places bring out different aspects of ourselves. Although one might be on a physical journey, an inner journey is also taking place. This is the beauty of travel. This is travelling for personal exploration!

#ASKANDREA Using Your Gifts To Enhance Your Business

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Every week I answer questions and offer advice using Numerology. If you’d like to submit your question, then go here.

This week’s question is from Wendy.


I would love to hear  more about my biz and the year ahead. I have been evolving more into my gifts, but the growth is slow.


Dear Wendy,

You are a 9 Life Path, born on a 7, with a 7 Attitude. You are a big hearted person and you love solving problems for other people and making a big impact for in the world. You might incorporate thus in your business by creating some way to use your business to give back. You are also a leader and innovator, so it’s important to be a leader in your industry and to stand out by doing things your way, you may also be attuned to your intuition, so use it in the way you operate in your business.

As for personal year, you might find that old issues may be coming up. You are going through a 9 Personal Year. It’s about letting go of things that no longer serve you. It’s time to purge possessions and emotional baggage. It’s all in preparation for the coming year, which is a 1 Personal Year. For you this year, issues regarding life purpose might also be coming up. It’s also possible for opportunities to come to you in this year.

To find out more about your Life Path number, order a Your Life Purpose Report. You will get a comprehensive report on your Life Path number so that you can understand and align with what it means. You’ll discover your gifts, challenges, and how to find fulfillment.

With Love,

My Perspective On Coaching


 have a real love-hate relationship with the word coach. I trained as a coach at YWCA and I loved it there. But when I entered the industry, I discovered that people have very different ideas on what it means to coach.

In my training, the first thing you learn is to differentiate what is a coach, teacher, mentor, or counsellor. Most people don’t know the difference and so they use these words interchangeably. Including many coaches.

For one to be a coach, they must realize that they are merely guides, facilitators. They are not there to advise (in this case they are either counsellors or mentors, and in the context of business, they are consultants). They are there to ask the right questions and extract the answers from their clients. There may be some element of skills being taught, but basically the client is there to access their own wisdom, not be told what to do.

The truth is, not everyone is ready to be coached. One should only undergo coaching if they are ready to take responsibility for themselves. If not, they should seek counseling, and coaches should recognize it when a prospective client is simply not in the right frame of mind to receive coaching.

For me, I’ve chosen not to emphasize my role as a coach because I’ve chosen to focus on offering insight through the use of Numerology. There is a different kind of dynamic that occurs when I give insight to clients, there is a kind of self-recognition that clients gain. Usually in a coaching situation, clients do most of the talking by disclosing sensitive information about themselves and discussing it. In a Numerology reading, I am allowing the client to look at themselves in a detached way, to gain awareness without triggering the emotions. In a coaching situation, sometimes the clients can’t detach emotionally because it is their story they are telling.

I once had a life coach and every session was a crying spree. I didn’t find it helpful to bail my eyes out every time. The crying wasn’t from self-recognition and eureka moments, rather they were because I was reliving the pain of telling my story. I only felt a temporary sense of empowerment after these sessions and then I would have to go back for more.

In a Numerology reading, I am not telling you who you are, you are determining for yourself where you are at and what resonates with you. This allows for even greater self-awareness then answering questions that sometimes you don’t know how to answer or might answer with a lie to protect your ego.

I still use some form of the coaching tools I learned in my training, but it is not the forefront of my work. I feel I can work much faster with less pain to the client than if I only used coaching by itself.

VLOG #13 Lessons In Time

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ast weekend I went to the Bata Show Museum for it 20th anniversary. It was a fun filled day looking at footwear throughout history. It got me thinking about fashion, time and what wisdom we can gain looking back and understanding the nature of time.

There was a silent performer dressed as Marilyn Monroe moving very slowly. It was a very surreal, visceral experience, like the ghost of Marilyn transcending through time. Time standing still. It was like witnessing parallel worlds colliding as the people rushed past her.

This video was filmed using the Canon Vixia Mini X and iPhone 4s.

The Truth About Fashion Victims


ver the weekend, I went to the Bata Shoe Museum for their 20th anniversary celebration. There were cupcakes, balloons and stilt-walkers. And even a silent performer dressed as Marilyn Monroe (see next Monday’s vlog).

The main exhibition showing was called Fashion Victims. It is a collection of shoes and articles of clothing throughout history showing the footwear of the elite class and it’s stories of the workers who pain-stakingly produced it. Some materials were even poisonous and led to the illness of its wearer and it’s maker. Hence the term fashion victim was used.

When I think of the term fashion victim, I often think of people who follow fashion, but have no taste or style of their own. They just follow what other people are doing.

In a way, I can empathize in what’s behind it. They follow because they haven’t got a clue as to who they truly are, and they wish to put up an image of self-importance. Or because they just want to fit in with the crowd. They want to appear powerful and confident. But behind it all, they don’t really know who they are, or perhaps they may be afraid to find out and show it.

I always say that true confidence comes from knowing who you are and not compromising it. The biggest act of betrayal to yourself is not being true to who you are.

This is why people hate phoneys. People scorn at posers, and they can smell them a mile away. They feel disgusted when people pretend to be something they are not. It is innate in human nature to value authenticity.

I believe that when you know who you are, you are also confident in what you like and what your tastes are. And you don’t care what other people think, because you’re no longer putting up with appearances. You are simply just expressing who you are.

From a Numerology perspective, many 8s can struggle with this. They often hide behind a facade of who they want others to think they are rather than owning up to their truth.

Paris Syndrome: When Reality Doesn’t Match Expectations


 saw a video on YouTube talking about a condition called Paris Syndrome. Though the psychology community might not consider it a real condition, it doesn’t matter because we can learn from it. It is described as a psychological condition that people develop when they visit Paris for the first time and they become severely depressed because it didn’t meet up to their expectations. This condition mostly occurs with Japanese tourists who have a very idealized vision of Paris. Especially because in Japanese popular culture, the Japanese idea of Paris is more Parisian than the real thing. Other aspects that contribute to this is the romanticizing of Paris in the fashion and lifestyle media.

I can understand this. Paris is actually not the cleanest city relative to it’s beauty and reputation. The streets are grubby and there are sone unsavoury bits about Paris. On a trip there during my university years, I noticed the stink of urine in the Metro stations, the homeless and gypsy transients begging on the street, the horrible conditions of hostels. It’s not exactly a postcard perfect vision of the city the one might envision going to.

It can be a shock to the system when you realize that everything you thought it was wasn’t true.

Suffering occurs when conditions don’t meet expectations. We are sadly disappointed and cannot cope with how wrong we were. Or that this just shouldn’t be and we can’t accept it.

Though shock can be painful, one can recover from it by accepting and adapting to the new reality of the situation.

I can relate to Paris Syndrome when I compare it to my experiences of working in the fashion industry. It looks glamorous on the outside, but once you get there, the glamour disappears.

Instead of holding such expectations and idealizing people and situations, I propose that one should be prepared to release their expectations by letting go of and challenging such beliefs. To realize that your expectations might not be realistic can relieve you of being disappointed, and instead you feel liberated t appreciate reality for what it really is.

#ASKANDREA Calculating The Life Path Number


n this week’s #ASKANDREA video, I explain how to calculate your Life Path number. The Life Path number is the most important number you need to know about. It describes your life purpose, natural (hidden) gifts and talents, as well as challenges you may face. Understanding your Life Path will help you to make tremendous progress in living the life you want.

Once you’ve figured out your Life Path number, be sure to get my free guide on discovering your Super a Powers using Numerology. If you want to know more about your Life Path number, then order Your a Life Purpose Report to discover more about who you are.

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