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I met Cornelia at a business conference last year in Las Vegas. We shared a shuttle bus ride from the airport. Since meeting her, we’ve kept in touch and she has read my angel cards. 

I want you to know that aligning with life purpose isn’t easy. Its not meant to be. It’s a part of the soul’s life lesson until one learns to overcomes their challenges. Though it can be an uphill battle until you can overcome your own resistance, you don’t have to go through it alone. 

So while I can read your numbers and tell you all about you and your purpose. The real work begins after your awakening. And that’s when you seek out the help of people like Cornelia Ward, because you’re going to need support from like-minded people to get through it.



n 2009, I had been working in the financial services field for four years. I loved helping people become more financially stable and reach their goals. But I was completely burned out! My boss’ directives clashed with my personal values and, as a sensitive person, I easily  absorbed the emotions of those around me. I frequently felt overwhelmed. Things came to a head when I found it impossible to meet the requirements of my job as well as my personal needs. The harder I tried to make it work, the more exhausted I became!

For ten years I had dipped in and out of depression. As a very independent person I constantly ran up against the constraints of working for others. I was an entrepreneur at heart. My deteriorating health reflected my inner turmoil. Eventually, I could only work part-time because the stress had really taken its toll on my health.


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first started blogging about ten years ago, when the word “blogg” would raise eyebrows; “what’s a blog?”, people would say.

Back then blogging was a hobby and you’d do it for the fun of it and to make other blogger friends. Then blogging became commercialized as publicists figured out how to use it to spread their brand message.

#ASKANDREA How do I decide on a business idea?

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This week we’ve got a question submitted by Anela, who wants to know about choosing a business idea…


Hey Andrea!
I Want to start working again now that my kids are all in school. I’m not sure what to do. I want to do something that is 80 to 100% online.
I used to do Wedding Floral, Consultation, Party Planning and Event Planning… but have also been thinking about doing something related to health issues that I have, or something different entirely.


Dear Angela,
You are an 8 Life Path. 8 people generally want to run their own businesses or look over other large organizations. You have the number 14/5, which is known as the media number. Do you enjoy writing or speaking? I’m thinking possibly a media empire for you.

VLOG #2 Cocktails and True Stories

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his week I take you along with me to see a storytelling show in Toronto. My friend Marsha is the organizer of the show. Marsha is absolutely hilarious and fun to be around. Next, I take you shopping as I look for pieces to welcome in Spring (whenever that arrives…).  Then it’s off to a women’s networking event at the swank Trump Hotel in Toronto at the America restaurant.

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n tomorrow’s vlog I’m going to be showing you bits of the a Trump Hotel and America Restaurant in Toronto. I never knew there was a location here in Toronto. The only thing I’ve ever heard about the America Restaurant were complaints that the girls’ uniforms were on the skimpy side! Though I did not notice thus to be the case here.

I arrived early to my meeting and I noticed how fragrant the lobby was. I’m not sure if it was the fresh flowers, or room fragrance…
I asked the guy at the elevator which floor the restaurant was. “31st”. For someone who doesn’t pay attention to numbers, this would mean nothing.
But as a Numerologist, I read into everything…
Donald J. Trump is a 4 Life Path, a 31/4 to be exact. Either he knows his numbers, or the numbers are following him!
It’s believed that intentionally using your personal lucky numbers, such as your Life Path number bring good luck to that area of your life or business. What’s your lucky number? Find out using my free gift, Discovering Your Super Powers. Click the button below.

#ASKANDREA How do I overcome creative blocks?

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Every week I answer your questions about your personal Numerology. Are you looking for advice about career, relationships, or personal year cycles? For details on how to submit your question, click here.

This week, I have a question about creative blocks and career from Elizabeth, she says…


Hi Andrea,
I’m needing some advice about my business and my career choices. I’m a kids yoga teacher and I’m questioning if I’m really on the right path? I have a lot of creative ideas but somehow, I can’t seem to push the ideas through. I used to be a florist for 20 years and had a successful career and business before I became a children’s yoga teacher. I seem to lack the energy to push the creativity, I’m feeling rather stuck and things are moving slow for me on my career. I moved my family to a much smaller community to Vancouver Island and away from the hustle of the big city. We love it here but how do i make it all work?



Dear Elizabeth,
It makes a lot of sense for you to move to Vancouver Island, the peaceful atmosphere is beneficial for you as a 7 Life Path. It is typical for a person on the 7 Life Path to question their direction. You may be over analyzing things here. All you have to ask yourself is, does teaching kids yoga bring you joy? If you didn’t have to worry about it as a business, would you want to do it? Instead of thinking about it, look for your answers from within.

As a 7, you have a lot of wisdom and knowledge to offer others. Creativity is all about going with the flow. If you put too much pressure on yourself, like stepping on a garden hose, the creativity energy will block up and no longer flow. Practice inner peace and trust in your ability to be intuitive and creative.

VLOG #1 Horses, Celebrations, Art

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his week I am launching my Vlog series of videos. I get to meet so many interesting people through my work, I wanted to start capturing my experiences onto video.

Another aspect to making video for me is getting over camera shyness. I think it’s a rather “strange” thing being in front of the camera. Vlogging so far has helped to make being on camera a more natural thing. As a 3 Life Path, it’s important for me to find different outlets for communication and expression. I also think that vlogging pushes you to have more fun and get out there more, as you must find some interesting things to film!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy watching my vlog and will give it a thumbs up! Please subscribe and stay tuned!



#ASKANDREA Help! I can’t decide on a career direction

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This week, I received a question from Crystal asking about her career direction, she says…


 My occupation is as a pharmacy technician. I’m 30 and I’m at a point where I’m ready to get school out of the way. I have so many options in healthcare that I could explore, but feel uncertain about what I want to do. I have no kids but I want some later on. I’ve been in a relationship for almost 3 years. My boyfriend is supportive of whatever I decide to do.



Dear Crystal,
As a 4 Life Path, you might enjoy work where you get to learn new information and sharing it, this lends itself well to doing research or teaching. You are born on a 25/7 day, so you tend to be quite observant, and you notice fine details. You are the type of person that is reliable, responsible and practical. You follow procedures very well. When it comes to choosing a profession, consider your end game. Where do you want to end up in 5 to 10 years from now? 4 people tend to get caught up in analysis paralysis, looking at a situation logically, weighing pros and cons. Ask yourself honestly and intuitively what do you feel most drawn to? What sparks your curiosity? 4s are generally cautious, which can be a good thing, but it may hold you back from moving forward. You tend to want stability and security, so you want certainty. Sometimes in life there can not be any certainty, we can on,y trust in what we know at the time. The best thing you can do is to look within to find your answers, trust in the process. Follow your heart. 4s are generally interested in healthcare and the sciences, so you’re not off track in your career choices so far.

All the best,
Andrea xx

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#ASKANDREA Your chance to ask for advice!

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very week, I’ll be answering questions from reader on my blog and YouTube channel. I will answer your questions based on your personal Numerology. You’re invited to submit a question! I can answer questions in in the following areas:

  • Relationship compatibility issues with partners, friend, or family.
  • Career direction, please include your birth date and details about your current work situation, background and interests.
  • Personal Year Cycle, what’s going on with you? What are you concerned about? Please provide birth date.
  • Numbers that seems to follow you. What do they mean?
  • Your questions about Numerology in general.
  • Fill out the form below with as much details as possible in the message area.

Your privacy is important to me. All questions will be edited and your personal details will be omitted.

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Thank you!

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PERFECTION: IS IT HOLDING YOU BACK? Guest Post by Krista Jennings

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As a Numerologist, I come across perfectionists all the time. The numbers will tell me all about it. It’s wonderful to strive for excellence, but so often, perfectionism is what holds us back from moving forward in life, whether it be putting our work out there or starting something new. That’s why when I met Krista Jennings, I was immediately struck by her choice of specialty,; coaching women who struggle with issues of perfectionism. Krista is a 9 Life Path, the ultimate perfectionist number. I asked her to share her story and some tips on overcoming perfectionism. Here’s her story.


y relationship with perfectionism, has been one that has truly changed my life. As long as I can remember, I wanted to be perceived as ‘perfect’. And by that I mean, that I was motivated by getting good grades in school, to attending university to getting the ‘perfect’ job and everything in between that.

But in essence, this was all fear based. I wasn’t truly in touch with my true self. Who was I? Was I truly this perfect daughter, sister or friend? I’ve always had a compassionate spirit, going above and beyond for those around me, which sometimes lead me down a path of self oppression. All because, I didn’t want to say no. I always wanted to be there for others and I wanted to be the great friend.

I can’t recall the defining moment, where this all changed. But I clearly recall the demise of an unhealthy relationship that changed everything for me. This friend and I attended high school and university. As we got closer and closer the more she took from me. Her energy was so taxing. But I continued to be a great friend. Then one day, I got so tired of her taking and taking and her negative energy being transmitted into my life. I knew that was it, enough was enough.

It wasn’t easy to let go of the friendship, but I knew that I had to choose myself. Saying no to her, was saying yes to me and with all the fear that crippled me. I simply had to let go.

Holding onto perfectionism, gets a whole of us choosing ourselves and being happy about what it is that we want.

So, I told her as polite as possible and expressed that this friendship was not a place of honesty, compassion and trust.

I feared deep down, that the other people in our circle, wouldn’t understand and thought that I was simply being selfish and at the time, these things mattered to me, because I wasn’t as connected to myself as I have grown to become now.